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Emile Aleman / The EmileAppeal

a really


I make GIFS

Ever seen those GIFs that are so bad they're good? Yep, i make those. Im the Giphy artist behind some of the internet's most 'impressively bad' GIFs.

Somehow, these little disasters have found their way into big-name apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, X, and thousands more.

With over 100 million views, it's either a sign that quality standards are plummeting or that there's a niche for everything, even subpar artistry.

My signature style? Think low-effort, hilariously bad, and dripping with sarcasm. Just top standards.

Want to surprise someone with a GIF that screams 'I tried (not really)'? Need a birthday greeting that's uniquely mediocre? How about your name slapped onto one of my masterpieces? Better yet, your face? Slide into my Fiverr messages. Let's make something beautifully terrible together.


I do voice-overs

I started dabbling in voice overs just last year, and, shockingly, I've already worked on phone-choice menu projects and instructional videos. Here, I actually take my work seriously, if you can believe that! So, if you're in dire need of a 'professional' voice actor, feel free to disturb me anytime. I might even grace you with a link to some of my previous 'masterpieces' so you can get a taste of my undeniable talent.


I present and act

Looking for a unique distinctive presenter? I can do that, also some serious stuff (except funerals i don't think that will work)

I have followed several short courses and training for TV presenting. I will share my portfolio here soon. You see, the EmileAppeal is everything.


What do they say?

Easy to use

I've used all of the personal finance apps on the market, and found that most have a hard time syncing my various bank accounts and cards real-time, leaving me guessing sometimes for days. Blick was a pleasant surprise! The team has really worked hard to ensure instant syncronization with most of the mainstream banks and lenders. Impressed!

- Anna Jenkins

Amazed by great results!

I rely on my budgeting spreadsheet since it helps me organize my spending data into meaningful charts and tables. That's why I've been comprehensive about switching to a personal finance app, as I found that the data presentation was usually lacking at best. Lo and behold, Blick was the only app that made the cut!

- Danny Lores


Projects done


Giphy views (December 2023)

What are you waiting for?

There's no better time to take control of your finances. With Blick's powerful categorization and visualization tools you'll actually stick to your budget.