Bad content creator

a really

I make GIFS


Ever seen those GIFs that are so bad they're good? Yep, i make those. Im the Giphy creator behind some of the internet's most 'impressively bad' GIFs.

Somehow, these terrible clips have found their way into big-name apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, X, Discord and thousands more.

With over 150 million views, it's either a sign that quality standards are plummeting or that there's a niche for everything, even subpar artistry.

My signature style? Think low-effort, hilariously bad, and dripping with sarcasm. Just top standards.

Want to surprise someone with a GIF that screams 'I tried (not really)'? Need a birthday greeting that's uniquely mediocre? How about your name slapped onto one of my masterpieces? Better yet, your face? Slide into my Fiverr messages. Let's make something beautifully terrible together.

I do voice-overs

I started dabbling in voice overs just last year, and, shockingly, I've already worked on phone-choice menu projects and instructional videos. Here, I actually take my work seriously, if you can believe that! So, if you're in dire need of a 'professional' voice actor, feel free to disturb me anytime. I might even grace you with a link to some of my previous 'masterpieces' so you can get a taste of my undeniable talent.


I present and act


Looking for a unique distinctive presenter? I can do that, also some serious stuff (except funerals i don't think that will work)

I have followed several short courses and training for TV presenting. I will share my portfolio here soon. You see, the EmileAppeal is everything.

What do they say?

who is this?

i don't know who this is, never heard of him

- a fan

does he work at the local supermarket?

people send me gifs with this guy. don't know who he is. why are you asking this?

- another big fan


Projects done


Giphy views (March 2023)