Special Divoom Collaboration!

Bad content creator

a really

I make GIFS


Since I discovered that I am the product, I've been creating more and more gifs—all in one style: undeniably terrible, dripping with sarcasm, and completely infused with 'EmileAppeal.' This way, in the future, when someone says, "Hey, you act like an Emile," it won't exactly be a compliment.

I do voice-overs

I started dabbling in voice overs just last year, and, shockingly, I've already worked on phone-choice menu projects and instructional videos. Here, I actually take my work seriously, if you can believe that! So, if you're in dire need of a 'professional' voice actor, feel free to disturb me anytime. I might even grace you with a link to some of my previous 'masterpieces' so you can get a taste of my undeniable talent.


I present and act


I am creating a concept/character sheet in both normal and anime style with a specific character (EmileAppeal) that I can offer. My dream? My own movie / serie or commercial with the lead role.

If you are a product owner or a casting/commercial company that needs an original and distinctive character for your project, let me know. I must warn you that the character will be bad, dry, and sarcastic. That is something that cannot be changed.

I can be demanding because I want to keep my character original, so I am really waiting for that one amazing opportunity where he can fully be the EmileAppeal.

What do they say?

who is this?

i don't know who this is, never heard of him

- a fan

does he work at the local supermarket?

people send me gifs with this guy. don't know who he is. why are you asking this?

- another big fan


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